Burger #288 – Cross Stitch

All crossed up…

Cross stitch sure takes a lot of time to complete. Good thing real burgers don’t take long to cook or we would all go hungry. Special thanks to J for digging up the old cross stitch kit to help with this one. ([])

Burger #287 – Macaroni

Hey Macaroni!

Macaroni is used frequently to make Mac N’ Cheese, which is another great food item. This one is a throwback to the great macaroni art kids make in school and give to their parents to hang up on the fridge. ([])

Birthday shout out to BetsyEtsy!

Burger #286 – Mosaic Tiles

Say it with mosaic…

The mosaic tile burger is super colorful, but not very tasty. One would probably break a few teeth if attempting to consume it. ([])

Burger #285 – Color Pencil

Color me “burger”…

Here is a color pencil sketch of a Mushroom Cheeseburger, Fries and a Pickle. ([])

Burger #284 – Lisa Simpson

“If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my room.”

Veggie burger anyone? The right ones are surprisingly tasty. Here is everyone’s favorite cartoon vegetarian Lisa Simpson, as a veggie burger. If you don’t know, she is a character on “The Simpsons”, one of the greatest TV shows of all time. ([])

Burger #283 – Spilled Milk

Got burgers?

The saying goes, “It’s no use crying over spilled milk”, but if you spilled a burger on the ground, go ahead and cry. We’ll forgive you, and cry too. ([])

Burger #282 – Cherry

I can’t tell a lie, Pa.

Today is the birthday of George Washington, one of the founding fathers of this country and our first President. Famously known for chopping down a cherry tree and truthfully admitting to it, here is the “cherry” burger in commemoration. ([])

Burger #281 – Stipple Design

Dot dot dot…

Stippling is a process that uses many tiny dots to create an image. It would be nice to have a burger made out of many tiny burgers. ([])

Have a great Presidents Day everyone!

Burger #280 – Baby Carrots

Eh, what’s up, Doc?

Bugs Bunny is know for eating a carrot while being chased by Elmer Fudd. I’m sure if he tried burgers, he would be munching on them instead. ([])

Burger #279 – Flock

What the flock?

Here’s a burger created with fuzzy flock material. Hopefully the burgers to eat aren’t going to be fuzzy, or else I’ll send them back. ([])

Burger #278 – Takashi Murakami Style

Burgers, burgers, everywhere….

Takashi Murakami is a popular artist these days, working with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Kanye West. If he liked burgers instead of flowers, maybe he would have made a print like this one? ([])

Burger #277 – Rubber Ducky

Quack! Quack!

Who wants to play with ducks while bathing? Wouldn’t you rather have a burger in the tub with you? Then you could sing “Yummy burger, you’re the one.” ([])

Burger #276 – Pie

Get in the kitchen, and make me some pie…

Mmmmmm, pie sure is tasty. This homemade apple pie was made with love and burgers on the mind. Next step, filling a pie with actual burgers. ([])

Burger #275 – Street Sign

I yield for burgers…

Was this new street sign installed because of all the good burger joints and burger trucks that are popping up around town? I’ll definitely try to follow the arrow when I see it. ([])

Burger #274 – Valentine’s Hearts

Happy Burger-tine’s Day!

What started as very bloody Valentine’s Hearts, ended up as an excellent Valentine’s Burger meal for two. Looks like Cupid worked his magic with perfect shots through the hearts. ([])

Burger #273 – Sweetheart Candy

Be mine…

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which means it’s a good excuse to eat some candy. However, if you want to treat your sweetheart to something special, then be sure to pick up some yummy burgers instead. ([])

Be sure to check out the Mask365 version as well.


Burger #272 – Aluminum

It’s elemental…

Cut and formed from a sheet of aluminum, this cheeseburger piece is recyclable and  resists corrosion. Did you know that, according to Wikipedia, “Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust”? Too bad burgers aren’t as abundant…or are they? ([])

Burger #271 – Flower Pot

Flower Power…

Too bad you can’t grow burgers from a plant, but this flower pot would be perfect for doing so. One can only dream of that happening one day. ([])


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