Burger #358 – Paper Cranes

Paper Cranes for Japan

Over 250 paper cranes were created to form today’s Burger365 image. In Japanese culture, the paper crane is a symbol of hope and goodwill. Legend has it, that one is granted a wish after folding 1000 cranes. After the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan a few months ago, the “Paper Cranes for Japan” project set out to create 100,000 paper cranes, which would then be matched by a $200,000 donation. Amazingly, they greatly surpassed their goal:

“We just tallied 1 million cranes! The incredible, worldwide response to Paper Cranes for Japan has exceeded our wildest hopes. Not only has the Bezos Family Foundation doubled its initial donation to $400,000, an anonymous donor has come forward to add $100,000–making $500,000 for Japan!”

Japan still needs help though. If you haven’t already, there is still time to donate to the American Red Cross in its relief efforts for Japan. And if you’re in the LA area, be sure to stop by the LACMA this weekend to see a very special related exhibit. ([])

Burger #357 – Mom Heart Tattoo Design

Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of Mother’s Day today, here is the classic “Mom Heart” tattoo, re-imagined for those who love their mom and also have a love for burgers.  A very Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard working moms out there. Take a break with a yummy burger. Special shout out to my mom, who has also contributed to this project with her ceramic burgers. Thanks for everything that you do! ([])

Burger #356 – Animated Flip Book

Flip, Flip, Flipadelphia…

Today’s Burger365 is a short animated flip book entitled “The Vanishing Burger”. ([])

Burger #355 – Sun Bleached

I can’t go a day without my sunshine…

What happens when you leave a stencil over some fabric in the window facing the Sun for a few months? A cool Sun bleached image, like this double cheeseburger design. Good thing I’m here in Los Angeles, where there is plenty of Sun to go around. Is summer already here? ([])

Burger #354 – Margarita

Hey Margarita…

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Often confused for Mexican Independence Day, today has just turned into another excuse for partying and drinking. Cervezas and margaritas will flow freely through the night, followed by 4th meal, perhaps of hamburgers. ([])

Burger #353 – Keith Haring Style

One stop Pop Shop…

Keith Haring was an artist and social activist in the 1980′s. Having been diagnosed with AIDS, which later claimed his life, his style of “Pop Art” was very influential and became a symbol AIDS awareness.  In recognition of his birthday today, here is burger artwork in his style. ([])

Burger #352 – Gumballs

Double bubble trouble…

In my head, I pictured this burger image of gumballs in a gumball machine looking a bit better, so I ended up just creating another version as well. You could also say this is a “before” picture for the ABC Gum Burger too.  Has anyone seen burger flavored gumballs? Just had some burger flavored ice cream the other day. ([])

Burger #351 – Flip Flops

Flipping out…

Inspired by the “Brisket Flip Flop”, here are a pair of “Burger Flip Flops”. Perfect for those hot summer barbecues next to the pool or beach. ([])

Burger #350 – Sour Gummi Burgers

Sweet and sour…

May is National Burger Month! Here’s a burger image created out of Mini Sour Gummi Burgers for a double up of burger goodness. I was hoping that these gummis were more sour than they ended up being, but they are still pretty good. Top bun, lettuce, cheese, a red patty, and bottom bun all stacked up and ready to eat. ([])

Burger #349 – Stamp

“Stamp” the Yard…

Like stamps? Well this particular stamp can be used to declare your love of burgers as well. ([])

Burger #348 – Quilling

The Prince and the “Paper”…

Quilling is an art form that uses rolled up strips of paper to create different shapes. These shapes are then compiled together to form a larger image, such as this burger. ([])

Burger #347 – White Out

Ha ha ha ha ha, “white out”…

Apparently, one is not supposed to use white out correction tape as a drawing tool. At least not to draw curves with, because the rolling mechanism can fail pretty quickly, and then one is stuck with a device that does not work properly. Oh well…it did result in kinda a cool distressed image of a burger and drink however. ([])

Burger #346 – Paisley Design

Pay to play…

Who else thinks that paisley designs look like little amoebas swimming around? Little burgers swimming around would actually be pretty cool though. ([])

Burger #345 – Bike Helmet

Check yo head…

The burger bike helmet will protect your head from injuries, but who will protect you from the mob of cars full of hungry burger lovers chasing you down. You’ll look just like Cheeseburger-Head or Mayor McCheese in this stylish helmet.([])

This reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from “Flight of the Conchords” where Bret invents a helmet that looks like his hair.

Burger #344 – Screw Hooks

“Hook ‘em” Danno…

Screw hooks are handy, when you want to hang something up on the wall with them. Not really useful for cooking or eating burgers with. ([])

Burger #343 – Easter Egg

“Hoppy” Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! A “Raving Easter Rabbid” came by today and dropped off this cheeseburger decorated egg on the lawn. If more eggs looked like burgers, kids wouldn’t be the only ones hunting for them. ([])

Burger #342 – Marshmallow Peeps

Welcome to the “Peep” show…

Peep peep! When Easter time comes around, candy, such as these Marshmallow Chick and Rabbit Peeps, become very popular. They sure are tasty, until you eat one too many. At least you can always use the extra ones for “Peep Jousting“. Now, who’s waiting for the after Easter candy sale? ([])

Can’t get enough Peeps? Check out some amazing Peep art here.

Burger #341 – Planet Earth

Save the planet…

In celebration of Earth Day 2011, here is our Planet Earth as a big burger. Hopefully some gigantic alien race wouldn’t actually want to eat Earth as a meal, but it is up to the human race to undo the damage caused by years of pollution and carelessness. Start small by reusing bags and recycling plastic bottles. Anything will help for the future generations of burger eaters. ([])


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