Cheeseburger Pinata


Sent in by Marci M., here is a cool Cheeseburger Pinata that she created. Thanks!

[Image: Marci M.]

City’s “Hamburger” Logo


Do you think Henderson, Nevada’s city logo looks like a hamburger? Apparently, the new city manager wants to change it for that reason. Why would anyone want to do that for?

See the full story here:

[Image: City of Henderson, NV)

Burger Panic Cooking Game

Anyone play this game yet?

Loungefly Burger Socks


Who’s ready for another pair of burger socks?

[Image: Amazon]


Burger Keyring


Found and sent in by my mom, this Burger Keyring makes a “Burrrrp” sound!

Gingerbread Burger Drive-Thru

Have you checked out Betsy’s daily project? She is basing her project around “Pin-Up” art and has created this “Gingerbread Retro Drive-Thru” for the holiday season. What else would this drive-thru serve besides Gummi Burgers! Make sure you check out her website for more photos of this as well as other cool images from her project.

[Image: Betsy Van Deusen]

Hamburger Placemat


Lydia R. sent us this photo of a hamburger placemat. She writes, “I found this last month, maybe October at store called Blocker here in Belgium. Thought you would enjoy these juicy hamburger placemats.”

Thanks Lydia!

Hot Dogs or Hamburger Ornaments

Too bad these are currently out of stock, cause these Hot Dog and Hamburger Ornaments would look pretty cool on the tree. Guess it makes sense that they are in high demand.


Burger Art from “Fat & Furious Burger”

Check out these great Burger Artwork/Photographs from the website

[Images: Fat & Furious Burger]

Fast Friends Burger Scented Vinyl Dog Toys

From Amazon:

Hamburger Appetizer Tray

Here’s an appetizer tray that is perfect for serving hamburger sliders. Found by my mom. ([])

Burger Bags Burger King Ad

Sent in by Pontus C., here is a Swedish Burger King advertisement, that features a hamburger suitcase, fries tote and soda duffel bag. Wonder if this suitcase is available somewhere? Would you use it?

[Image: Burger King]

Big Burger Drive Through

Get those kiddies ready! ([])

From Amazon:

Product Features

  • This 4′ Burger Stand features a drive up window with roll down flaps and an awning
  • Front entrance has swinging double doors with realistic plastic handles
  • Graphics on inside include a menu on the back wall or you can make you own menu and place in the clear plastic pocket
  • Shock corded pvc poles make for easy set up and storage

[Image: Amazon]

Inflatable Hamburger Chair

Found online and sent in my May L., here is the best inflatable chair ever.


“It’s shaped like a delicious hamburger, but no, it’s a portable inflatable chair. Crafted out of highly durable, 100% polyester fabric, this extremely comfortable seat includes its own hand pump to inflate as you see fit. A hamburger? Now that’s what we call an inflatable chair.”

[Image: Fab]

Burger Burger Pocket


Has anyone played these game before?

From Wikipedia:

“Burger Burger (バーガーバーガー?) is a business strategy video game of the hamburger business, developed by Rytmix and published by Gaps, which was released exclusively in Japan in 1997, for the PlayStation.

Burger Burger Hamburger Simulation is a Japanese simulation game in which the player is the owner of a hamburger chain.

The game was very popular in Japan, and a sequel, Burger Burger 2 with many improvements and new features was spawned in 1999. There were also two releases for the Game Boy Color: Burger Burger Pocket (1999) and Burger Paradise International (2000). All these three games were developed by Biox”.

Smiling Hamburger Dog Toy


Here’s another hamburger for your doggie.

“The squeaker dog toy features the smiling hamburger shape. Made of high-grade vinyl material, the dog chew toy is chew-resistant. The dog chew toy is a gift and tasty for your dog.”

[Image: Hi Home Decor]



Sexy Hamburger Costume

Halloween is right around the corner. Anyone want to be a “Sexy Hamburger”?

Sent in by Janice as seen on Papermag, but sold by Yandy.





Burger and Lemonade


From lexikm on Etsy:

“This polymer clay set of a cheeseburger and lemonade has been painted with acrylics and glazed in a matte finish. The height of the lemonade is approximately 1 inch, with the diameter of the burger being about 0.75 inches.

The reason why these exist is unknown. Meaningless doodling often leads to a weird idea for me, such as a glass of lemonade with a strange face. Then the lemonade is lonely, so he needs a cheeseburger, who would be a pretty crummy companion if he didn’t also have a face. And so the duo is born.”

[Image: lexikm]




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