Burger Profile: Wimpy

I will be profiling famous Burger characters throughout history. First up is “Wimpy” from the Popeye cartoon.


From Wikipedia:

“J. Wellington Wimpy, generally referred to as Wimpy, is one of the characters in the long-running comic strip Popeye, created by E. C. Segar and originally called Thimble Theatre, and in the Popeye cartoons based upon the strip. Wimpy was one of the dominant characters in the newspaper strip, but when Popeye was adapted as an animated cartoon series by Fleischer Studios, Wimpy became a more minor character; “

“Wimpy loves to eat hamburgers, and is usually seen carrying or eating one or more at a time – e.g. in Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor he is seen grinding meat or eating burgers almost the entire time – however, he is usually too cheap to pay for them himself. A recurring joke involves Wimpy’s attempts to con other patrons of the diner into buying his meal for him.”

This guy sure loved burgers! And would probably kill any burger challenges that are around these days.

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Plush Burger

Check out this Plush Burger from friendswithyou.com:

“Mr. TTT Burger

Awakened by the conjuring of Bumble Grump, Mr.TTT Burger and his fine ingredients live a wonderful and delicious existence. With the ability to come apart and back together, this soft and cuddly little burger will warm your heart and tummy with his charismatic charm.”

Apparently, he’s part of their “Burger Bunch” series.

Get all the info here:  www.friendswithyou.com/store/toys/mr-ttt-burger.html