Lion Burger?

Apparently a restaurant in Arizona is serving up a Lion Burger in honor of the World Cup in South Africa.


“A Mesa restaurant owner is providing customers a South African experience to honor the World Cup on Wednesday and Thursday, serving burgers made with African lion meat.

But the novelty meal is creating a backlash.

Il Vinaio restaurant in downtown Mesa has received more than 150 emails from protestors as well as a bomb threat, owner Cameron Selogie said Tuesday.

According to Selogie, African lions are on the protected list, but not endangered.”

Burger #38 – Tin Foil

Curses… foiled again!

Tin foil has a lot of different uses.  You could use it for covering leftover food, as a baking sheet, to extend the range of your tv antenna or as a hat to deflect microwave waves.  I guess you could add burger art to that list now.