Burger #107 – Key Chain

Keyed up…

Today’s design is a painted burger key chain/bottle opener.  Maybe these keys will unlock the doors to more burgers?  ([])

Hamburger Coin Bag

Cool little hamburger coin bag (plus pizza and fries) at Spiral and Circle Gift:

Use it to save up your money to buy burgers to eat!  ([])

Burger #106 – Peanut Butter & Jelly

It’s peanut butter jelly time!

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is an All-American staple, and is almost as good as a burger.   Has anyone tried a peanut butter and jelly burger?  ([])

Burger #105 – Baby Onesie

Oh baby…

Here’s a baby onesie print that I designed for my friends Lei and Casey who are expecting a baby in a few months.  Congrats!  ([])

Burger #104 – Sidewalk Chalk

Don’t step on a crack…

Those days of drawing on the sidewalk are back!  Kids now have way better chalk than before.  Wouldn’t it be nice to find burgers on the sidewalks?  ([])

Shepard Fairey Likes Burger365

Thanks to J, Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant has an “Obey Burger” sticker.  We were able to meet him at La Cita last night before he got on the turntables and rocked the party.  He seemed to dig the sticker (giving us some of his own) and was even gracious enough to snap a quick photo with me.

If you missed the original Burger365 “Obey Burger” design, check it out here: Burger #86 – Obey Style.

Burger #103 – Cotton Balls

The fabric of our “burgers”…

Today’s burger design is created with cotton balls.  In general, cotton is very practical and useful.  Why, you are probably wearing something made of cotton this instant.  Hmmmm, now I want a burger this instant.  ([])

Burger Profile: Don Gorske

Who is Don Gorske you ask?  Don Gorske is know from eating over 23,000 McDonald’s Big Mac hamburgers ( I suppose he completed Big Mac 365).  He’s been in the Guinness Book of Records, featured in two documentaries (“Super Size Me” and “Don Gorske: Mac Daddy”) and is the author of the book  “22,477 Big Macs”.Burger Profile: Don Gorske

Its pretty crazy that he has eaten so many Big Macs and has no health concerns.

From Wikipedia:

“In 2003, Don Gorske ate 741 Big Macs, an average of 2.03 Big Macs per day. Gorske is 6 foot 2 inches tall, 185 pounds, and claims a cholesterol level of 140. His claimed average daily consumption of two Big Macs amounts to 1,080 calories, according to the nutritional information published by McDonald’s; this does not take into account his energy intake from fluids. The USDA recommends about 2,200 calories per day. Gorske consumes mainly calorie-rich food, but he maintains a stable weight by eating fewer calories than the average American.”

Here’s an interesting health article on Don at 180 Degree Health.

Burger #102 – Cork

We Pop Champagne…

What to do with those corks from champagne and wine bottles?  Create mini burger art!  Even smaller than those Mini Sirloin Burgers from Jack-In-The-Box. ([])

New Feature: Burger365 Gallery

Missed a day of Burger365? New to the site and the project? Want to revisit your favorite burgers?  Check out the new Burger365 Gallery on the top menu.  I will be compiling all the designs there, starting with 1-80.  Visit the gallery and vote for your favorites.  ([])

Burger #101 – Apple

An “Apple Burger” a day, keeps the doctor away?

As I start out on the next 100, there are still a lot of different ideas for burger shapes that I haven’t even gotten to yet.  It will be challenging to keep every design fresh and interesting.  With that in mind, here is a crisp new apple design for today.  It was delicious. ([])

Burger #100 – Fundred

Fundred dolla bills y’all…

We’ve reached the 100th design milestone here at Burger365 and Mask365.  Today’s design goes out to a good cause, The Fundred Dollar Bill Project:

“Help make safe the lead-contaminated soil in U.S. cities that puts thousands of children at risk for severe learning disabilities and behavioral problems. New Orleans is one of the most lead-contaminated cities in the U.S.–this is where the solution starts.”

Check out the website and draw your own Fundred at : http://www.fundred.org/

Burger #99 – Skull

Burger365 X Skull-A-Day

Today’s special burger design is dedicated to Skull-A-Day, the inspiration of this site.  Artist Noah Scalin created a Skull-A-Day for one year and posted the images on his website, as I am doing now with burgers.

Here is my “Skull Burger” – before and after (raw and grilled).

Be sure to check out the Skull-A-Day website and view all the different skull images that Noah came up with.  ([])

Burger #98 – Font

This is my type of text…

Who doesn’t love cool fonts?  Here is the burger based font that I created called “Everything Burger”.  I will soon be releasing it to install and actually use on a computer, so check back for that.   ([])

Burger #97 – Gummi Candies

It’s the right time for snack time…

Was snacking on these gummi candies, so decided to design a burger out of them.  They sure were delicious … and when else can you bite into a shark?  ([])

Burger #96 – Candle

Got a light?

Today’s burger design is a carved candle.  You’ve probably heard of the bacon scented candle, but did you know that White Castle recently was selling a burger scented candle?  It looks like it sold out faster than anticipated.  Too bad I wasn’t able to get one, but hopefully they will bring them back soon.  ([])

Knitted Burger

Check out this highly detailed “Knitted Burger” from artist Ed Bing Lee.

It’s from his “Delectable” series which includes more knitted food.  See more at his website.

NY Pizza Burger

Looks like Burger King is getting into the unorthodox burger scene.

Check out all the info about the BK Whopper Bar and the NY Pizza Burger from Eater.com: