LeBron Burger in Miami

From  Miami New Times:

LeBron James might not be able to singlehandedly win an NBA championship, but the sentiment around Miami is that he’ll save the local economy.

Oneburger’s “The Bron” burger is a tasty place to begin this crusade, although it’s still unknown whether or not LeBron is receiving royalties for the lending of his name. The $12.95 tribute to the reign of “King James” with the Miami Heat turns things up a notch.

Construction of The Bron begins with a kaiser roll. In the words of One Burger, “Kaiser is the German word for KING. Also, Bron is crazy dangerous like Kaiser Soze.” Then comes the beef. In this case, Kobe beef to be exact. Why Kobe beef on LeBron’s burger? Because “Bron eats Kobe for lunch. Make it a double and Bron eats Kobe for lunch and dinner.”

Check out the full article here:  The LeBron Burger Phenomenon at Oneburger


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