Burger Movie: Hamburger…The Motion Picture

A movie called “Hamburger”?  Why do I not recall seeing this?

From Wikipedia:

Hamburger… The Motion Picture is a 1986 comedy directed by Mike Marvin and starring Leigh McCloskey. In the film, main character Russell (played by McCloskey) has been expelled from multiple schools because of his crude behavior. To be able to collect his trust fund, he needs to earn a college diploma. He decides to attend Buster Burger University, a school for prospective new fast food franchise owners. Dick Butkus plays the university teacher.

Check out the trailer here:

Burger #89 – Arygle Design

Burger X Argyle

What happens when you take one of the most popular food items and mix it with one of the most popular pattern prints?  Maybe something like this “Burgyle” design?  The arygle pattern has been around for ages and has seen a growth in popularity the past few years.  From golfers wearing argyle socks on the links, to high-end sweaters and sweater vests, to basketball patterend shorts, argyle definitely holds it own to the other patterns around.  Perhaps we can start a “Burgyle” revolution.  ([])