Shepard Fairey Likes Burger365

Thanks to J, Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant has an “Obey Burger” sticker.  We were able to meet him at La Cita last night before he got on the turntables and rocked the party.  He seemed to dig the sticker (giving us some of his own) and was even gracious enough to snap a quick photo with me.

If you missed the original Burger365 “Obey Burger” design, check it out here: Burger #86 – Obey Style.

Burger #103 – Cotton Balls

The fabric of our “burgers”…

Today’s burger design is created with cotton balls.  In general, cotton is very practical and useful.  Why, you are probably wearing something made of cotton this instant.  Hmmmm, now I want a burger this instant.  ([])