Giant Robot X Ugly Dolls X Burger

Check out the newest art opening at the Giant Robot 2 Gallery in Los Angeles on Saturday, Sept 11, along with a special “Babo Burger” from gr/eats next door.

“Giant Robot is proud to host Photos from the Uglyverse, an art show featuring work by Uglydolls creators David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim.”

Get all the info here at :

Burger #117 – Hair

Hair today, “burger” tomorrow…

I have not had a professional hair cut since high school.  I mostly cut my own hair with a pair of clippers and scissors, or have had help from friends.  Luckily, I still have a lot and not too many white hairs either.  Well, here’s a burger design created out of my hair clippings from a recent haircut.  Maybe it’s a bit gross, but as long as you don’t find hair in your real burger, it’s all good.  ([])