Burger #127 – Metal Nails

Nailing it…

Today’s burger is drawn with different sized metal nails.  Good thing burgers aren’t really made of nails, or else they would be pretty difficult to eat.

Speaking of “metal”, congrats to the Grill ‘Em All Food Truck for winning The Great Food Truck Race last night!  The Heavy Metal Burger Boys finally beat out the Nom Nom Truck in a super close battle.  After cruising through the first four New York City Boroughs, Grill ‘Em All looked like they were headed for an easy victory.  But, by winning the “truck stop”, where each truck had to cook each other’s signature item, Nom Nom got back into contention.  However, Grill ‘Em All was able to hold on in the end.

Be sure to go out and eat the winning burgers from Grill ‘Em All and try to spot the Burger365 sticker.  ([])