Yarn Burger by Martina

Martina Sorbara recently sent us this page featuring her knitted “Yarn Burger”:

She writes:

“I Had been thinking about making a knitted Hamburger for a longtime. So halfway through our North American tour I pulled the trigger and bought the yarn i needed to make all my wildest yarn burger dreams come true.

God knows I’d looked at enough hamburgers on the road; TV adverts, billboards and disappointing menus from coast to coast. But thats when I started to look at them differently, study them and think about how I would execute the toppings and such.

The tomato gave me the most trouble (with a whopping 5 restarts).

The best part about the Yarn Burger is that it is made of stuffed animal meat. In the morning before we left Denver for Kansas City, I decided to try and find a craft store for some stuffing. Having had no luck, I walked into a TJmax, bought a stuffed cow toy, and proceeded to disembowel it.

I’m a vegetarian.”

Great work Martina!  I will definitely need to try something like this for the Burger365 project and can only hope it will look as good.  (Having never knitted before, I doubt it.)  THANKS!

Check out her page and other photos of the burger here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/tinadragonette/yarn-burger

Also be sure to listen to her band “Dragonette” at http://dragonetteonline.com/.


2 Responses to Yarn Burger by Martina

  1. What an incredible piece!

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