Great Macaron Cookie “Burgers”

Here’s a bunch of great looking Macaron “Burgers” from various websites sent to us from Mabel Yoshimoto.

Duh-Licious – Macaron Lessons From Mom

Includes a recipe and instructions on how to make them.

Eat Me Daily – Macaron = YAY AWESOME

All the ingredients found around the kitchen.

LA Fuji Mama – “Big Mac” Macarons

Inspired by barbecues and a Mac Attack Challenge.

I will definitely try to make my own Macaron Burger as part of the Burger365 Project.  Thanks Mabel!


2 Responses to Great Macaron Cookie “Burgers”

  1. mabel says:

    Haha, sweetness! (literally and figuratively). I enjoy the blog Charlton. Keep up the good burgerwerks.

  2. OMG I thought that one in the middle was an actual hamburger until I looked super closely! These are all too cute and very well done. I really want to try to make one now!

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