Burger Profile: Mayor McCheese

Here’s another burger character from McDonalds called Mayor McCheese.  A cheeseburger for a head?  I wonder what he thought when he saw people eating other cheeseburgers?  Did he eat cheeseburgers as well? Wouldn’t that be really strange?

From Wikipedia:

“Mayor McCheese was an enormous cheeseburger who appeared from 1971–1985, he has a burger for a head, and sports a top hat, a diplomat’s sash, and a pair of pince-nez spectacles. He is portrayed as a giggly, bumbling, somewhat incompetent mayor.”

Unfortunately, Mayor McCheese is no longer with us.  Maybe The Hamburgler got him.

Burger #134 – Dirty Windshield

Wash me…

So, I um, purposely have not washed my truck for a while, so I could create this dirty windshield drawing.  Yeah, that’s the real reason that it’s so dirty… yeah… no really.  Pretty cool that it is also like a mobile art gallery though.  Currently still on display on the back of my truck.  Inquire for viewing hours =p.