Burger #168 – Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween!

Today is  Halloween, so of course I had to try to make my very own burger themed costume.  The concept was a “Vampire Burger” on a plate with fries and accompanying evil dead waitress.  I was pretty happy with how it turned out; who wants to start the “Vampire Burger” restaurant chain?  ([])

Burger #167 – Ring

If you like burgers, put a ring on it…

Wonder if either The Burger King or Jack (in-the-Box)  proposed to their wives with a cheeseburger ring?  If not, they totally should have.  They also should have asked “Will you be my burger bride?”.  ([])


Burger #166 – Oil & Vinegar

Break out the bread…

Oil and vinegar don’t mix, but they sure are tasty together.  Both can also be used to make your burger more delicious.  Together here, they create a burger image.  ([])

Big Burger Marshmallow Candy

From the Mega Mallows series by The Foreign Candy Company, here is the Big Burger:

“This is one BIG Burger. A large, lifelike sesame seed bun holds together a marshmallow patty and a giant slice of cheese!  Can you fit it in your mouth?”

There’s still time to get these for Halloween.

See more at www.foreigncandy.com/megamallows.html

Burger #165 – Jack-O-Lantern


Halloween is this weekend, so its time to carve and light those Jack-O-Lanterns.  As a kid, I would carve one every year and proudly display it on the outside porch.  It was always nice to go trick-or-treating and collect that candy.  Would have been nice to collect some burgers as well.  Be sure to check out Freehand Profit’s Mask-O-Lantern.([])

Burger #164 – Wood Burning

Tastes like burning…

Burning wood plus cooking burgers equals deliciousness.  Here’s a wood burned drawing of a char-broiled bacon cheeseburger.  ([])

Stitch Loves Burgers

Stitch, from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch,  must love him some burgers.  Check out these weirdly interesting Japanese cell phone charms that he’s featured in.

Burger #163 – Painted Pig

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do…

Here’s a little painted piggy for today’s burger.  Aren’t pigs great?  They make great bacon for burgers.  Bacon makes everything better.  ([])

The White Castle Candle is Back!

Missed out on the White Castle burger scented candle the first time?  It is back soon for sale online for a limited time:

From PR Newswire:

“White Castle announces the long-awaited return of its steam-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions Original Slider®-scented candles for the holiday season. Starting at midnight (EDT) on October 27, the candles will be available online only at www.houseofcrave.com, White Castle’s online store, for $13 plus shipping.”

Read the whole article here:


Burger #162 – Chocolate

Life is like a box of burgers…

With Halloween right around the corner, here is another treat themed burger.  It’s the chocolate burger.  Get it on a plate or on a stick!  What lucky kids will be getting these in their goodie bags?  ([])

Burger #161 – Comet Cleanser

Clean it good…

Does anyone really like cleaning?  Use burger Comet cleanser along with the burger sponge for a double-double of cleaning power!  ([])

Burger #160 – Flask

Drink ’til the burger’s cute…

There’s bacon-infused alcohol out there; wonder what burger flavored liquor might taste like?  This burger flask would come in handy for keeping it close by.  ([])

Burger #159 – Gummi Bears

yummy tummy funny lucky…

Oh no, what happened to these Gummi Bear snacks?  Guess they were turned into a burger.  ([])

Burger Music: Meaty Cheesy Boys

Remember this Jack-In-The-Box commercial?

It’s the Meaty Cheesy Boys with their smash hit “Meaty Cheesy Love”.

Burger #158 – Melted Crayons

Wax on, wax off…

Melting crayons is a pretty cool way to create art compared to the traditional drawing method.  It takes a while to work with, but here is the melted crayon burger. ([])

Cheeseburger Chips

Craving a tasty burger, but only want a little snack?  You can munch on these cheeseburger flavored chips by Doritos.  Its’ the “Late Night – all nighter Cheeseburger” flavor.


Haven’t been able to try them yet, but they look to be cheeseburger-licious. ([])

Burger #157 – Dominoes

You got the highest double-double?

Who likes to play dominoes?  I always just lined them up and made them fall.  Would rather line up a bunch of burgers to eat though.  ([])

Check out Mask365

If you haven’t checked out the MASK365 Project by Freehand Profit, what are you waiting for?  Instead of burgers, he is creating a mask a day for 365 days and is doing some incredible work.

There’s also still time to enter the MASK365 Coloring Book Contest.

Here is his “Burger” Coloring Book version -Crayons – “Burger365 X Mask365”: