Burger #144 – Ukulele

Cheeseburger in paradise…

Aloha!  We all know that that the ukulele is a famous Hawaiian instrument, which is definitely on the rise in popularity.  I picked it up over a year ago, but am still working on getting good.  Here is a double cheeseburger ukulele design for your listening pleasure(?).

Be sure to check out BetsyEtsy’s submission to the EleUke 2010 Competition:


3 Responses to Burger #144 – Ukulele

  1. BetsyEtsy says:

    Hooray!!! 😀

    Thanks so much for the mention Charlton!!

    Plus I LOVE the burger uke design!! It looks even better than I imagined!! 🙂

    Nice shirt too!

  2. Char.L.Ton says:

    Haha.. of course.. Yeah it turned out great!.. That’s my ukulele shirt =)

  3. I love the seeds! And the shirt choice!

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