Have Bob’s Burgers for Thanksgiving

Remember the burger cartoon show that was coming soon? Well it looks like it finally is airing on Thanksgiving Night.

From Daemons TV:

“FOX hopes it has the antidote for your Thanksgiving turkey coma. The network has announced it will air a special exclusive preview of its upcoming animated series BOB’S BURGERS during its world broadcastpremiere of The Simpsons Movie that night.”

See the complete article here:


[Image – Zap2It]

Burger #178 – Sideburns

You just got burned…

On the hit TV show Community (if you don’t watch it, you’re missing out!), the character “Star-burns” is know for having sideburns shaped like stars.  Well, as an ode to the show and all of its great characters (especially Senor Chang), here is  “Burger-burns”.  Much thanks to Sebastian Bleak who grew his facial hair for this one.  We gonna make you famous!  ([])