Burger Themed License Plates!


“Back in August, Eater Austin let us know that the Texas DMV approved the official Texas novelty cheeseburger license plate from Austin-based hamburger chain Mighty Fine. Starting this Monday, lucky Texans have been able to order them online.

It’ll cost you $85 for a year, $225 for five years, or $325 for ten years, which is not such a bad deal! According to The Statesman, “For customers who order the cheeseburger-adorned plates, Mighty Fine is offering $100 in store currency for every year they keep the plates on their vehicles…” It’s basically an investment in your cheeseburger-y future!”

See the full article here:


[Image:  myplates.com]

Burger #179 – Popsicle Sticks

Stick to it!

Do they make burger flavored popsicles? Guess I will try to find out.   In the meantime, here is a popsicle stick burger.

Shout out to all the Veterans on Veterans Day!  Go relax and eat a burger! ([])