Burger #186 – Hello Kitty

You had me at “Hello”…

Following up on yesterday’s Hello Kitty X Burger post, here is the Hello Kitty Burger.

The Los Angeles Small Gift Celebration concludes with the “Kitty in Pink – Retro 80’s Prom Party”.  Be sure to take the kiddies (or girlfriends) and check all of it out.

“Sat Nov 20th, Sanrio invites you to “Kitty in Pink” – a retro ’80s prom party that will rock you like a hurricane!

Get into the groove with rad ’80s cover band the Reagonomics! Check out the DJ and performances by the Yuki Shundo Dance Crew. Perm you hair, get out your shoulder pads and suit up in your best ’80s prom gear. Prizes for the best dressed prom-goers!”

[Image: Sanrio]

One Response to Burger #186 – Hello Kitty

  1. j says:

    yay! so cute i want to eat it =)

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