Hamburger Hunter for iPhone/iPod

Check out this just released iPhone/iPod Touch game called “Hamburger Hunter” from Navigation-Info Kft.

“People cry for help because the world is overrun with revived hamburger and hot-dog monsters.
Destruction and the desperation reign over countries and cities, when someone comes into sight from a dirty passage of a ruined city, a little boy to pay off with hamburgers once and for all. He is just running and shooting the monsters while he is growing up from a little boy to an action hero, the Hamburger Hunter!”

Haven’t gotten a chance to try it out yet, but with guns and hamburger monsters what’s not to love.  Plus right now, it’s completely FREE!

Download it here on iTunes:

[Image: iTunes]

Burger #187 – Pinata

Smash ‘n grab…

It was always fun to hit the pinata at birthday parties when you were a kid.  Of course you had to make sure your turn was before the big kid or else he would take it out with one giant swing.  Regardless, you had to be quick on your feet, cause that candy flew everywhere and if you didn’t snatch it up, no candy for you.  ([])