Burger #229 – New Year’s Eve Headband & Glasses

The countdown is on…

It’s New Year’s Eve!  Time to party like its 1999.  Break out those hats, streamers, celebratory noisemakers, and other accessories like this “2-Burger-11” headband and matching glasses.  Please make sure you are safe out there tonight when you celebrate.  And remember kids, don’t drink and drive.  First, go sober up by eating a big greasy burger.  ([])

Cheeseburger-Head by Erik Larsen

Here’s a character called “Cheeseburger-Head” by Erik Larsen, one of my favorite comic book artists(creator of Savage Dragon and a founder of Image Comics).

Check out this sample from the comic compilation “Popgun: Volume 1”:

Preview more here at HiddenRobot.com.

[Images: HiddenRobot]

Erik is also coming out with “The Herculean #1” in March 2011 which features more of Cheeseburger-Head and other colorful characters:

“Erik Larsen’s stunning 24-hour comic in full color! Artist ERIK LARSEN unleashed! All of Erik’s odd but entertaining Popgun strips are collected along with his 24-Hour story “Guy Talk” in this handsome volume! Herculian! Punchin’ Judy! Bacon Mummy! Mickey Maus! Reggie the Veggie! Cheeseburger-Head! Lotta Malarky! It’s pretty much everything you love about comics all in one affordable 48-page bundle of awesomeness! Not to be missed!”

[Image: SavageDragon.com]

Burger #228 – Puzzle Pieces

Piece it together…

Do you like putting together jigsaw puzzles?  If not, just create your own image out the pieces like this burger and be done with it. If you do really want a burger puzzle though, there’s this crazy one from Amazon.  ([])

Burger #227 – Belt Buckle

Buckle up!

Here’s the Burger365 version of the cheeseburger belt buckle that had been posted earlier on the site.  A utility belt would actually be a good place to store burgers.  When you feel hungry, just reach down and grab a burger out of one of the utility pockets.  Time to invent that next!  ([])

Kids in the Kitchen: Cupcakes that look like Hamburgers

Kids in the Kitchen: Cupcakes that look like Hamburgers.

Burger #226 – Rubber Stamp Print

Hello, hello, hello…

Hi, today’s burger image was created with a “Hello” stamp and ink pad.  Have a wonderful day.  ([])

Burger #225 – Utensils

Stick a fork in it (and a knife…and a spoon)…

Utensils are usually very useful for eating food, but not really necessary for eating burgers.  Fork, knife and spoon too much to carry around? Good thing they invented this spork.  ([])