Dave White Hamburger Screen Print

From Complex Mag online:

“You might remember Dave White from his days of sneaker paintings, but dude has moved on to bigger and better things, like fast food! Haha. Seriously though, he’s been putting together some cool stuff, and this new painting of his is available as a screenprint edition of 50. It measures 80cm x 80cm and is printed on Somerset Velvet Tub 300gm paper.”

Pre order it here:


[Image: Complex Mag]

Burger #199 – Glow-In-The-Dark

Turn off the lights…

A long long time ago, but somehow in future, there was the planet Burgiter, which was orbited by its moons Drinktune and Frieto.   Expeditions took place to explore this wonderous planet which yielded copious amounts of burger goodness.  (This burger space scene glows-in-the-dark.)  ([])