Decorative Burger Candle

Here is another burger candle for you to enjoy.

Hamburger Candle

  • This burger shaped candle is so realistic it looks good enough to eat!
  • Size: 3.5″D
  • 5 hr. burn time

They also sell Ketchup and Mustard candles.

Get it online here:

[Image: Celebration Sensations]

Burger #260 – Bacon Bits

Meat week is real.

Have you heard of the wondrous event called “Meat Week“? Starting yesterday, Meat Week celebrates – what else – meat, with eight full days of meat eating. In recognition, here is the bacon bit burger.

Check out more information from the Meat Week website:

  • Schedule:

    The Captain & First Mate publish a list of 7 different BBQ restaurants in their city. 8 Nights, (Sunday through Sunday) 7 restaurants, (both Sundays take place at Sonny’s). In places without Sonny’s, we celebrate the last night with a BYOBBQ at a gracious Meat Weeker’s home, so everyone can pick up food from their favorite restaurant or grill their own.

  • Best-Of’s:

    Each captain organizes the voting for their own city, usually rounding up votes for the following categories: Best Sauce, Best Service, Best Sides, Best Atmosphere, and Best All-Around. To maintain a certain level of fairness, only those who have attended 4 nights or more are asked to vote.

  • Meat Week Honors:

    Awards chosen by the leaders for those who have a special place in this year’s Meat Week. These are usually different each year. Years past have included an award for the person who came every night or the one who had to walk the farthest to enjoy meat. Your best Meatographer might also receive an award. These are presented, along with the Best Ofs, on the last night.

  • Meatography:

    A picture is taken of each individual person who attends, each night they attend. There is also a group photo taken beneath the restaurant’s sign each night. Check out the gallery archives for entertaining, sauce-stained poses.

  • Hype Week:

    During the week leading up to Meat Week, those involved in and those excited about the coming meat storm create graphical and video meat-hype that is plastered about the Internet to warn others that “Meat Week cometh.”

Want to join in the all the festivities? Find your local Meat Week chapter and start eating some meat.

(Sorry to the all the vegans/non meat eating people out there … maybe you can start a “Non-Meat Week”?)

Burger #259 – Newspaper

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Does anyone really read the newspaper anymore? Now a days, you can just get all the news online, almost instantly after it happens. Oh well, at least one can use the newspaper for other things, like creating this burger. ([])

Burger #258 – Ramen Noodles

It’s a noodle doodle…

Ahhh, ramen noodles, the college dorm favorite. Here’s a burger image created with ramen noodles that have been broken into pieces. What to do with broken ramen pieces? Put them in a delicious cabbage salad such as this one. It’s not as good as a burger, but still really tasty. ([])

“Orion Burger” Video Game

Does anyone remember this computer video game from 1996 called “Orion Burger”?

I found these images on “Giant Bomb”, but have not been able to find any more information about the game:

“Proving that burgers aren’t always good, Orion Burger focuses around the attempts of alien invaders to turn humans into burgers”

Check out all the images here:

Burger #257 – Pinholes

I want the “hole” truth…

Is it fun to poke lots of holes into a piece of paper? Not really, but I think it looks pretty cool.  I just better be able to get a whole burger and not a hole in my burger. ([])

Burger #256 – Acrylic Painting

Painting the town “burger”…

Acrylic painting of a double cheeseburger on canvas(16″x20″).