Burger Mobile

Check out these great pics of the “Burger Mobile”.

Here is the backstory for this “burgerific” vehicle:


Find the original photos and article here:


[Images: Scoutingny.com]


Burger #253 – T-Shirt Clip Art

My other t-shirt is clean…

The good folks at Fibers.com let me customize my own t-shirt on their website, so I figured I would design one for Burger365. It was super easy to create a custom shirt. You choose the shirt style, color, and size that you want to use, place whatever clip art and/or text you want on the shirt, and a few days later, you get the shirt in the mail. You can even upload your own images for a fully custom design. I decided to use the wide selection of Fibers “Food” clip art to create this burger image.  It took a bit of time to figure out what would work best, but I think it turned out great. ([])

Want your own custom shirt? Design a shirt today at Fibers.com. They also have a great selection of pre-designed burger t-shirts, meat t-shirts, and a wide variety of other cool categories.  Thanks Fibers!