Burger #319 – Baseball

Take me out to the ball game…

Today is the start of the Major League Baseball season and the World Champion SF Giants will begin defending their title against the rival LA Dodgers. If more baseballs were painted like burgers, I bet more catches would be made. Although hot dogs are more commonly associated with baseball games, burgers should eventually overtake them. ([])

Burger #318 – Erasered Notebook

Erase me…

In another “Blast from the Past”, who used to use their eraser to “draw” on their notebook cover? This was actually a lot harder to do than I had remembered. Now to write down some burger recipes. ([])

Burger #317 – Playdough


Here is everyone’s favorite non-edible dough as a cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. I used to play with this type of dough when I was a kid, but don’t think I ever created a burger. Super easy to make snakes though. ([])

Burger #316 – Laser Engraved Woodprint

Laser Tag anyone?

Hooray for lasers. They sure can make cool things. Like this engraved burger design on a piece of wood. Hopefully they will come out with a  light saber that one can use to cut up burgers with. ([])

Burger #315 – Plaid Design

Well “plaid”…

This plaid burger design would be great as a picnic tablecloth for a burger barbecue. I know it’s only springtime, but I can dream about summer, can’t I? ([])

Burger #314 – Bleach

Just add bleach…

The chemical bleach has great cleaning power, which one can use to eliminate bacteria and whiten clothing. Just make sure you keep it away from your burgers cause you wouldn’t want to ingest it. ([])

Burger #313 – Volkswagen Beetle

Das Burger…

Since I couldn’t find anyone willing to paint their Volkswagen Beetle like a burger, I had to settle for this scale 1:34 toy model and create this “Burgerwagen Beetle”. With working doors and pull back action, it’s close to the real thing. Not as cool as that Burger Mobile, but I would definitely want to see this driving down the street. ([])

Bonus action shot: