Burger #295 – Ground Beef

It’s whats for dinner…

Here is some 80/20 ground beef, perfect to cook burgers with, in the shape of a cheeseburger. This piece was inspired by this great ground beef alphabet. Now onto some tasty burger goodness. ([])


4 Responses to Burger #295 – Ground Beef

  1. kolembo says:

    Too much! I have coffee on my keyboard!

  2. littlecurio says:

    What does 80/20 Ground Beef mean? Don’t think we have that term in Australia… Could it mean 80% not ground beef, 20% ground beef? Hmmm…

    • Char.L.Ton says:

      80/20 is the fat percentage.. 20 percent is fat, which is good for taste/grilling with =p

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