Burger #300 – G.A.S. Mask

Burger365 X Mask365

As you probably know, this 365 project was started in conjunction with my friend/colleague Gary Lockwood aka Freehand Profit. While I was going to create “burger art”, I suggested to him the subject of “masks”. He had already been drawing these hybrid animal-gas masks, which he dubbed “Guerilla Art Squadron” (G.A.S.), so it was an obvious choice. Since we both committed to the project, we knew that neither one of us could stop short if the other was still going.  To celebrate both of us reaching the 300 burgers and 300 masks milestone, we decided to create a version of each others project within our own theme.

Therefore, here is the “Burger G.A.S. Mask”: Protect yourself from the dangerous fumes of bland and rotten food by wearing this specially designed gas mask that pumps the delicious smells of burgers through it. Be prepared and cook on! ([])

Be sure to check out Gary’s site as well for his version. Only 65 burgers and 65 masks left! Oh no! What will we come up with to finish strong?


One Response to Burger #300 – G.A.S. Mask

  1. Noah says:

    Ha, awesome! Congrats on the major milestone!

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