Burger #306 – Origami

Paper chase…

With the assistance of an existing hamburger origami kit as a template, I created this “made-to-order” origami cheeseburger with egg, fries and drink. ([])

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding, and has been around since the 17th century. Once again, our thoughts go out to those in Japan who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Let’s do what we can to help out and keep everyone safe.


4 Responses to Burger #306 – Origami

  1. This is creative. I dont know if I would eat them, but I sure would display them.

    “Be content that those who can make omelettes properly can do nothing else.”
    Hilaire Belloc

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  3. is that a real egg?

    • Char.L.Ton says:

      Haha, naw, it is a photo of a real egg though.. =)

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