Burger #349 – Stamp

“Stamp” the Yard…

Like stamps? Well this particular stamp can be used to declare your love of burgers as well. ([])

Burger #348 – Quilling

The Prince and the “Paper”…

Quilling is an art form that uses rolled up strips of paper to create different shapes. These shapes are then compiled together to form a larger image, such as this burger. ([])

Burger #347 – White Out

Ha ha ha ha ha, “white out”…

Apparently, one is not supposed to use white out correction tape as a drawing tool. At least not to draw curves with, because the rolling mechanism can fail pretty quickly, and then one is stuck with a device that does not work properly. Oh well…it did result in kinda a cool distressed image of a burger and drink however. ([])

Burger #346 – Paisley Design

Pay to play…

Who else thinks that paisley designs look like little amoebas swimming around? Little burgers swimming around would actually be pretty cool though. ([])

Burger #345 – Bike Helmet

Check yo head…

The burger bike helmet will protect your head from injuries, but who will protect you from the mob of cars full of hungry burger lovers chasing you down. You’ll look just like Cheeseburger-Head or Mayor McCheese in this stylish helmet.([])

This reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from “Flight of the Conchords” where Bret invents a helmet that looks like his hair.

Everything Burger on Society6

Check out the Everything Burger Studio on Society6 for access to select art prints from the Burger365 project.



Burger #344 – Screw Hooks

“Hook ’em” Danno…

Screw hooks are handy, when you want to hang something up on the wall with them. Not really useful for cooking or eating burgers with. ([])