Burger 326 – Plastic Bottles

Bottled at the source…

Here’s another way to recycle those plastic bottles you have lying around. How many do I even need to collect  in order to buy a burger with the redemption value? ([])

6 Responses to Burger 326 – Plastic Bottles

  1. Booters says:

    Great colors, Charlton! And the translucent green next to the opacity of the other colors is a really nice touch!

    I like this one a lot! 😀

    • Char.L.Ton says:

      thanks.. yeah the translucent green is the only as is color.. i guess they don’t make too many brown or yellow bottles..

  2. Very interesting… we just use them as filler in pots so we don’t have to add as much dirt, something my mom showed me and then I actually saw one of the projects on the TV show Yard Crashers do the same thing. Whatever it takes to recycle.

  3. littlecurio says:

    This looks amazing… brilliant job!

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