Burger #360 – Tofu

I pity the “fu”…

For all you vegetarians out there, this isn’t your typical tofu burger. Along with accompanying fries and drink, this tofu burger was made for your viewing pleasure, rather than consumption. Only five more Burger365 pieces left! ([])


2 Responses to Burger #360 – Tofu

  1. littlecurio says:

    Haha that looks gross! But brilliantly done- you are so good at this! Sad there is only five pieces to go- I’ve enjoyed it so much! What next? Everything Tacos? I think you should do Everything Australian 😀

  2. Char.L.Ton says:

    Hahah.. thanks. Everything Tacos would be pretty interesting, maybe someone else could do that. Would love to find out more about Australia, I’m sure you know a lot.

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