Jumping Burger T-Shirt

Found and sent in by Joanne, here is a t-shirt featuring a burger jumping on a trampoline.

Fast Food Board Game

Here’s another board game by Goliath that features burgers.

Build the biggest, juiciest hamburger by recognizing matching ingredients. Be the first to see a match, slam the squeaker, and add the condiment to your burger. But watch out, some ingredients may not match, and you might lose some ingredients. Fast-paced, fun game.

Get it:


[Image: thoughthammer.com]

Hamburger CD/DVD Case

Looking like a simple “Plush Burger”, this burger opens up to reveal a case for your burger cd’s or dvd’s! Found and sent in by Amy. Awesome!


Hamburger Key Cap

Stop fiddling around, trying to find the right key that unlocks your secret burger stash, by using this Hamburger Key Cap.



[Image: Thrillomatic]

Hamburger Stress Ball

Feeling a bit stressed over which burger spot to try out next? Get relief with one of these Hamburger Stress Balls. You can even put your own logo on them, making them perfect party favors.


[Image: Quality Logo Products]

Knit Burger Beanie

From Boston Beanies, here is the “Knit Tasty Hamburger” beanie.

Keep your head warm and burger-like with this one.


[Image: Boston Beanies]

Hamburger Bounce House

If you live near Lawrenceville, GA, you can rent this bounce house for the kiddies that looks like a giant hamburger.


[Image: koolbounceparty]