Burger Music: Burger & Fries – Charley Pride

Hamburger Lighting

Light up your life with this glass hamburger lighting pendant, measuring 3.5″ x 9″.



[Image: Lighting Universe]


Hamburger Money Clip

Save your cash for hamburgers with this fancy hamburger money clip.


[Image: cruisingdaytona]

Hamburger in Garfield Comic Strip

[Image: garfield.nfshost.com]

Hamburger Cushion and Blanket

A hamburger that is both a cushion and a blanket? Brilliant!

From EC-Promos.com:

Features: 1) When the blanket is folded and kept within the burger, the product is a soft, comfortable cushion 2) Blanket can be taken out and the hamburger cover can be conveniently used as pillows 3) Various cushions and blankets for kids and adults 4) Abundant colors and designs available 5) ODM and OEM orders are welcome Inner packing: 1pc/PP bag

[Image: ec-promos]

Large Cheeseburger Desk

From Dream Big Props comes the “Cheeseburger Desk”. With no back story for this amazing prop, one can only assume it was used in some movie, tv or commercial. Anyone recognize it? Great attention to detail as well.

Imagine standing behind this desk at your next conference or trade show. Or maybe as a checkin desk for your children’s ministry. It rolls!

More pics here: http://dreambigprops.com/?p=41

[Image: Dream Big Props]

Hamburger Beans

Beans that look like a hamburger? Apparently they are a few species that look like this.

From backyardnature.net:

In the picture, the two grayish hamburger beans up front were produced byMucuna sloanei, and sometimes are called Brown Hamburger Beans or Horse Eyes. The species lives in swamp forests, at borders of rivers and lakes, in savanna woodland and wet places in secondary vegetation over a vast distribution area including Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific islands. A black dye is obtained from all parts of the plant.

More commonly found here than the Brown species are the two reddish-brown beans in the background. They’re Mucuna urens, Red Hamburger Beans, distributed throughout much of the American Tropics as well as on Pacific islands.

More info here:


[Image: backyardnature]