Hamburger Magnet

Nice looking hamburger magnet from Clayful Designs, handcrafted out of clay.

[Image: Clayful Designs]

Mini Hamburger Vacuum

Did you get crumbs all over the floor after inhaling that burger? Use this mini vacuum and you’ll be all set. Too bad it’s currently out of stock, but maybe they will make some more.

[Image: Perpetual Kid]

Great Big Hamburger Seat


This is no quarter-pounder! At 15 inches high and a foot wide, this giant resin hamburger is sure to make a whopper of an impression as a display or as a foot stool! The hand-painted detail on this sturdy resin burger makes this piece a true work of art. The burger meat looks cooked to perfection. While the rippled lettuce and juicy tomato slices appear to be garden fresh.

[Image: Great Big Stuff]

Costume studded hamburger necklace

Pretty cool wholesale burger necklace from Base In China-

Material: Alloy Stone: Crystal Color: PK Finish: White gold Size: 16 inch 20 x 20mm

[Image:Base In China]

Bacon Scented Hamburger Soap


Hamburger shaped soap + bacon scented soap = pure genius.

“Inspired by my fiance’s favorite food – here is a realistic looking hamburger soap! It has great details like the sesame seeds on the buns and the realistic texture on the patty, piece of lettuce, and tomato as well.

The buns measure about 2.5″ in diameter and they are scented with a french bread fragrance. The patty, lettuce, and tomato are all scented with a bacon fragrance. I am happy to put in some ketchup and/or mustard inside if you like :).”

[Image: TwoEggPlants on Etsy]

Burger Music: Hamburger Train – Primus

Burger Yo-Yo’s

If you’re in need of a burger party  gift, these yo-yo’s should work.

[Image: Actionmatic]