Cheesburger Pillows

Awesome cheeseburger pillows from feltlikeit shop on Etsy (too bad it’s already sold, buy maybe you can request another set?):

This soft, super-sized Cheeseburger Pillow is cow-friendly and will add a touch of humor to your decor. It also makes a great gift for vegans and meat-lovers alike!

Measuring 12.5″ in diameter and 6″ high, the bun and the burger are made of cuddly fleece. The lettuce is green dress-lining material and the cheese is shiny silky fabric (perfect for that delicious processed “cheese” look). And yes, your Cheeseburger Pillow has mini pom-pom “sesame seeds” on the top bun.

[Image: feltlikeit]


One Response to Cheesburger Pillows

  1. Kitten says:

    I actually like them. Not sure if I’d buy them, though.

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