Burger Bot Video Game

From Overstock:
The addictive burger making game is here. Burger Bot for DS puts you in charge of various burger activities such as grilling, chopping, washing, preparing and serving demanding shop customers! Even use your own robot’s parts to make burgers!


[Image: Overstock]

Mylar Hamburger Balloon

From Balloon Maniacs:

Big! Big Hamburger with the Works Shaped Helium Mylar Balloon 28″.  This Hamburger Balloon has the works and shows a juicy hamburger with everything on it! Great for barbecues or advertising outside a restaurant or fast food joint!


[Image: Balloon Maniacs]

Alex Jr. Stretchy Burger Sandwich Toy

Another cool item for the kiddies to play with:

  • What’s inside your sandwich?
  • Stretch apart and see what’s inside!
  • Features brightly colored crinkly ingredients inside a soft plush bun
  • Rattle, crinkle and bell offer multiple sensory exploration and cause and effect play
  • Perfect for strollers and car seats
[Image: Amazon]

Burgermeal Robot Toy

From Hobby Link Japan:

Kamen Rider Fourze features high school students, and high school students love fast food!  Hence, “Bugermeal” is born. This plastic hamburger-shaped toy can transform into a robot-like creation that has a face remarkably like a character from a certain Pixar movie. The set comes with the transformable burger-bot, along with Astro Switch #06, the Camera Switch. Install the switch in Burgermeal’s back and his head rotates.


[Image: Hobby Link Japan]

Mechanical Bucking Hamburger

Apparently, getting bucked by a mechanical bull was too boring, so someone decided to make it a hamburger. Who’s gonna get this for their next party? Awesome!

Yee-haw! Are you ready for some rip-roarin’ fun? This buckin’ hamburger is sure to be a hit! We can control the hamburger from a gentle spin to a buckin’ ride depending on the riders’ skill level. Customize it by removing the hamburger and adding a bull, Harley Hog or football to represent your product or event. Includes game operator, large digital timer and colorful inflatable landing mattress. Outstanding attraction for fund raisers, festivals, schools, theme parties. How long can you stay on?


[Image: Music on the Move Plus]

Double Hamburger Money Bank

Another bank to store your burger allowance in.


[Image: Julian Roe]

Hamburger Socks Socks

Another pair of hamburger themed socks, found at Urban Outfitters. ([])