Juicy Lucy Hamburger Cupcakes

Found online by MayLynn, here is a great recipe for Juicy Lucy Hamburger Cupcakes!

From Rock Ur Party:

Ever had a Juicy Lucy?

We all know there’s nothing better than a burger.  Unless it’s a Juicy Lucy, which one-ups a regular burger as it is two patties stuffed with a hot gooey, cheesy center (Beware: That first bite can be dangerous!).  It sounds odd to the uninitiated, but the Juicy Lucy is truly a burger graduated to the proverbial next level.

So it’s easy to see then, how the new Fun-da-middle cupcakes, with their ingenious creamy filling, could take the Burger CUPCAKE to a completely new and previously unimagined realm.  The “Juicy Lucy” Burger Cupcake is everything that you would expect in its less-adorned bretheren – a faux “bun” studded with sesame seeds and a stylized application of various icings and colored coconut for visual tomfoolery.  The filling adds both the “juicy” and the “lucy”!  So let’s ask the question a different way – what could be more fun than a tiny burger cupcake?  A “Juicy Lucy” Burger Cupcake, that’s what!

Check out the full site with detailed instructions here:



[Image: Rock Ur Party]


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