Cheeseburger Neck Tie

From XBoutique on Etsy:

Available for your consideration is a vintage cotton necktie – Cheeseburger Themed! It is 55″ in length and 3 1/4″ wide at the burger end. This tie is Light Blue at the wide end with a Red&White checkered thin end and at the wide tip. There is a Cheeseburger applied to the wide end complete with all the fixins.

[Image: XBoutique]


4 Responses to Cheeseburger Neck Tie

  1. 50 States Design Project says:

    That is awesome!

  2. A tie that already has a stain on it– excellent! You can relax and really enjoy your burger… : )

  3. Rodney says:

    Bought it. Your site is going to be my official Christmas list 🙂

    • Char.L.Ton says:

      Haha. Awesome. You will have some happy recipients.

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