Abed’s Hamburger Shirt

Found on the character Abed, here is a t-shirt with a large hamburger print on it. Abed is one of the characters from the TV show “Community” on NBC. You can watch this recent episode currently on HULU: Community – Season 3, Episode 10.

[Image: NBC]


5 Responses to Abed’s Hamburger Shirt

  1. E.S. says:

    Does anyone have any idea where to get this shirt? My wife wants one! Please help!

    • happycao says:

      I want one too, where can one get that?

      • Char.L.Ton says:

        I haven’t seen it around anywhere. Maybe it was created just for the show?

  2. airryana says:

    i found it! http://store.newstandardclothing.com/New_Standard_Hamburger_p/nuas1287-ma.htm

    • E.S. says:

      airryana, you ROCK! Thank you so much! My wife will be thrilled! Happy Holidays!

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