George and the Burger Men Book

This sounds like a silly story:

“George and the Burger Men is the third book in the George series. In this clever children’s adventure, George and his new friend from next door, Isabella, fly into outer space in George’s magic spaceship. This is the same spaceship that seven-year-old George found hidden inside a tree in the backyard of his new home. George and Isabella aren’t sure where they’re going, but they end up on planet Burger! There they find the cunning Samurai Sushi Pirates setting fire to the planet – and all the other planets along the way – in order to burn all the food so everyone will have to eat sushi! King Bologna, King Hot Dog, and King Hamburger all band together to take on the Samurai Sushi Pirates. Of course, Captain Mock Chicken, the hero who looks after the Universe, comes to their rescue, right along with George and Isabella. Will they be able to save everyone in the universe from having to eat sushi?”

[Images: Amazon]


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