Funny Hamburger Statue

Anyone in need of a funny hamburger statue?



Mr. Wimpy Hamburger Game

Anyone remember this game for the Commodore 64?


Mish Mash Burger Cartoon

Here’s a little cartoon about a kid going out to get a burger created by artist Clémentine.

[Video: Bupla]

Hamburger Ankle Socks


Here is another pair of hamburger themed socks to rock. It would actually be one crazy hamburger…

[Image: Hollywood Mirror]

Bacon and Egg Burger Zine

Check out these tiny burger paper creations:

“Each page an ingredient
No larger than a 10¢ piece
Individually hand-cut paper and
card with a sprinkling of Posca
Edition of 20 – 2009

Fresh off the grill – these tiiiny burgers are the bite-sized progeny
of Stephanie Anderson’s
Original Hamburger Zine.”

[Image: Zinesnsuch]

Yogi Bear Burger Puzzle


“Puzzle scene shows Yogi and Boo Boo on a flying rocket and stealing hamburgers. Completed puzzle measures approx. 15 inches by 12.5 inches (38.1cm x 31.75cm). 100 interlocking cardboard pieces. Age 5+”


Bonboya zyu Chibi Gallery Hamburger Figure

Here’s a cool lil’ hamburger dude found on Kaboodle.

[Image: Ice Cream Drops]