BBQ Blitz – Burger Boardgame

Check out this review for the BBQ Blitz boardgame from Time To Play:

“BBQ Blitz is a game about matching and building burgers. The first player to fill his or her plate wins. The game’s box doubles as the game board. The bottom of the box is designed to look like a barbecue grill. To start, each player gets a plate and a spatula. Each plate shows a different topping for the burgers: ketchup, mustard, cheese, or pickles. You’ll need to pay attention to what topping is on your plate. Place all the burger patties and buns face-down on the grill. Players grab their spatulas and race to flip and find the burger patties with the toppings that match their plate. Once you find all your burger patties, race to top them with a bun. Be the first to fill your plate with matching burgers—and buns on top—to win.

BBQ Blitz comes with 16 burger patties (four ketchup, four mustard, four cheese, and four pickle), 12 buns, four spatulas, four plates, and a game guide. The game is for two to four players.”

[Video: Time to Play]



One Response to BBQ Blitz – Burger Boardgame

  1. AlienAnessa says:

    Holy crap, what a very cool game!!

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