Hamburger Puzzle by Akio Kamei

Great puzzle by Japanese puzzle maker Akio Kamei, this hamburger puzzle measures 11x11x10cm.

Profile from his website (

“Akio Kamei has taken the beautiful and traditional Japanese secret boxes to a new and higher level. His original and ingenious designs often require the solver to use the principles of physics to open them. The exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful woods make each one a work of art. Puzzle collectors from all over the world eagerly await each new Kamei puzzle. Often collectors travel from Europe and America to Japan to obtain the latest Kamei puzzles. His trick boxes are the best that the world of puzzles has ever seen.”


2 Responses to Hamburger Puzzle by Akio Kamei

  1. theinterneat says:

    Love it! It’s missing sesame seeds though:(

  2. AlienAnessa says:

    Man that’s cool! His other boxes are amazing too!

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