Hamburger Hairclip

Cool hamburger hair clip, created out of ribbons.


Burger Music: Goin’ Hamburger by Glass Popcorn

Cheeseburger Placemat

Here is a cheeseburger placemat that was found by my mom at Joanne’s Fabrics. Perfect for catching all the extra toppings that spill out of your burger. ([])


Hamburger Balloon In A Box

From Balloon King:

“A Great Big Fun Balloon! Send a big “Hamburger” balloon in a box to some one on their special day. Guaranteed Uumph factor with this big balloon. Balloon in a box from the Balloon King. A Big Balloon! Size 64cm x 45cm. Your balloon in a box is helium filled and attached to a colourful ribbon & weight. Designed to float gently out of the box when opened. “

[Image: Balloon King]

Doug is Hamburger Boy

Remember Doug from the Nickelodeon cartoon show? Well click on the link for a fun clip of him as “Hamburger Boy”.



Invader Zim Cheeseburger Backpack

Fans of Invader Zim and hamburgers will want to have this backpack…

[Image: Invader Zim]

Food Frenzy Duct Tape

Yet another tape product with burgers on it. This time, it’s Scotch brand duct tape found at Target, called “Food Frenzy”, featuring burgers, drinks, fries, and other fast foods. ([])