Burger Keyring


Found and sent in by my mom, this Burger Keyring makes a “Burrrrp” sound!

Gingerbread Burger Drive-Thru

Have you checked out Betsy’s daily project? She is basing her project around “Pin-Up” art and has created this “Gingerbread Retro Drive-Thru” for the holiday season. What else would this drive-thru serve besides Gummi Burgers! Make sure you check out her website for more photos of this as well as other cool images from her project.


[Image: Betsy Van Deusen]

Hamburger Placemat


Lydia R. sent us this photo of a hamburger placemat. She writes, “I found this last month, maybe October at store called Blocker here in Belgium. Thought you would enjoy these juicy hamburger placemats.”

Thanks Lydia!

Hot Dogs or Hamburger Ornaments

Too bad these are currently out of stock, cause these Hot Dog and Hamburger Ornaments would look pretty cool on the tree. Guess it makes sense that they are in high demand.


[Image: ChristmasPlace.com]