Burgers and Bees Cake Pops



Check out this cool recipe on how to make cool bee cake pops and cake burger bites.


[Image: Bakerella]

Mossimo Cheeseburger Socks


Who didn’t wear Mossimo gear back in the day? Most recently available at Target, looks like they are jumping on the hamburger bandwagon with these cheeseburger themed socks.


[Image: Target]

Ultimeat Braggin Rights T-shirt


Check out this t-shirt design found online and sent in by Donald T. He writes, “Diehards of the animated series “Regular Show” will appreciate this one.”

The burger depicted here is called the “Ulti-Meatum” – “The Ulti-Meatum is the burger seen in The Best Burger in the World. It is heard that it only comes out every century. It is served from the Grill ‘Em Up Truck by its head chef, Ajay Maldonaldo. Only one per customer is allowed.” “It is made by stuffing a cheeseburger inside a cheeseburger and using two deep fried cheeseburgers as buns. Then the special Himalayan Ketchup is added.” (from the Regular Show Wiki)

Here’s a fun clip from the show as well:


Thanks for sending this one in  Donald!

[Image: Shirtoid.com]

Mini Burger Press



Here’s a mini burger press that is also shaped like a hamburger. Found by my mom at Marshalls.


Learn to Count with Hamburgers

Kids may learn faster when hamburgers are involved. =)