Bonus Burger365 – Chewbacca

Here’s another burger that I created for Star Wars Remix.  In hindsight, I should have used a Boca Burger patty to create “Chew-Boca”. Oh well…

Once again, make sure you check out Star Wars Remix every Tuesday and Thursday, as they reveal the latest creations. Submit your own piece as well! ([])

New to the site? I created 365 other pieces of burger artwork as well.

Bonus Burger365 – Star Wars Jawas

Have you seen Star Wars Remix yet? This website celebrates the Star Wars universe by featuring non traditional “artwork”, similar to some of the things I was doing for Burger365. Anyone can submit a Star Wars themed piece by “remixing”  the world around them.

I was honored when Skull-A-Day‘s Noah Scalin asked me to submit a few pieces as part of the Star Wars Remix launch.  Of course I had to create some Bonus Burger365 pieces and came up with these “Jawa Burgers”.

Make sure you check out Star Wars Remix every Tuesday and Thursday, as they reveal the latest creations. You can also submit your own piece as well! ([])

(It’s not a burger, but I also created this Twist TIE Fighter for the site, which was inspired by the Twisty Ties Burger.)

Skull Appreciation Day

Today, June 4th, is the first annual Skull Appreciation Day.

Let’s celebrate here by taking a look back at the Burger365 “Skull Burger” with a couple of different photos.

The “Skull Burger” placed in the Top 10 of the Designers Skulls 2010 contest.

Also, be sure to check out the Skull Quilt swatch, which will be on display at Gallery5 in Richmond, Virginia with a bunch of other great skulls.

Burger #341 – Planet Earth

Save the planet…

In celebration of Earth Day 2011, here is our Planet Earth as a big burger. Hopefully some gigantic alien race wouldn’t actually want to eat Earth as a meal, but it is up to the human race to undo the damage caused by years of pollution and carelessness. Start small by reusing bags and recycling plastic bottles. Anything will help for the future generations of burger eaters. ([])

Burger #332 – Angry Birds

You shouldn’t have made them angry…

The Angry Birds video game is a huge phenomenon and is currently the #1 paid iTunes App in the US as well as many other countries. Not only do they have a burger themed level, but  here they are commemorated as a flock of  burgers. One thing’s for sure, the pigs aren’t escaping from this scene, they will be ending up in someone’s stomach. ([])

Burger #312 – Moustache

Respect the ‘Stache!

The novelty moustache seems the be all the rage today, especially with the “hip” crowd. There are various toys, t-shirts and other items that pay homage to it, so here are a couple in burger form. Because of their shape, it actually made sense to place them atop hot dog buns instead, as well as adding some onion glasses. ([])

Still need more moustache in your life? Check out “Shave & a Haircut: Hep Hairdo & Suave ‘Stache Show” at Monkeyhouse Toys from March 19 – April 17, 2011. There will probably be photos similar to this bonus pic:


Burger #305 – Four Leaf Clover

Happy St. Burger Patties Day!

Traditionally, people wear green and drink green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. Well how about a new tradition of eating green four leaf clover shaped burgers? Green beer probably looked unappetizing initially, but still tastes the same, just like this delicious green burger. Celebrate safely everyone! ([])