Fast Food Paintings – Art Show

Stopped by the Blackstone Gallery last night during the monthly Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk and checked out the “Fast Food Paintings” exhibit. Artist Mr. Lets Paint AKA John Kilduff, created an installation based on a fast food restaurant and had a bunch of burger paintings displayed all around. I still think my “Knuckle Sandwich” burger is better though =).

Bacon Double Cheeseburger Graffiti


My friend Christine C. of San Francisco sent in this photo of hamburger graffiti she saw. Thanks! ([])

Gingerbread Burger Drive-Thru

Have you checked out Betsy’s daily project? She is basing her project around “Pin-Up” art and has created this “Gingerbread Retro Drive-Thru” for the holiday season. What else would this drive-thru serve besides Gummi Burgers! Make sure you check out her website for more photos of this as well as other cool images from her project.

[Image: Betsy Van Deusen]

Catburger Video Game at Giant Robot Biennale 3

Checked out the Giant Robot Biennale 3 at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles over the weekend and saw this art exhibit/video game by Jeni Yang and Beau Blyth. You compete against a partner as cats trying to collect parts of a burger. First to “grab” 10 items wins! See more info at Jeni’s Blog –

Hamburger Statue

Check out this cool hamburger statue in South Korea:

“A collection of sculptures found near BEXCO and the Museum of Art, Busan’s Olympic Sculpture Park pays homage to the city’s involvement in the 1988 Summer Olympics and provides a place to check out some bizarre modern artwork. ”


Stained Glass Burger

Cool stained glass burger design by Melanie Lecointe. This is one Burger365 idea that I had wanted to do, but did not get around to it.


Pictures from Burger365 at Cement Studio

For those who missed it on Friday, here are a few photos from the Burger365 installation at Cement Studio in Los Angeles. This and Post Humanity was a great event. Big thanks to Ramichael, Emily, Maria, and Jino for making it happen.


Post Humanity Art Show + Burger365 at Cement Studios

If you are in the Los Angeles area, please come check out the “Post Humanity” art show at spaceLUNA, opening tomorrow night June 1st at 7pm. Myself and a bunch of other talented artist are showing new work:

Imagine a place that holds you like a blanket, providing warmth on cold nights and housing light within darkness and solitude. In a world of chaos, imagine a place with less conflict and more appreciation for the surroundings we inhabit.  On June 1, 2012, 7:00PM, spaceLUNA Art Gallery opens a group exhibition to reveal the differences that are our similarities.  By understanding human endurance, resilience and creativity awakens the spirit.  What happens when benevolence ends, but the passion and drive for survival linger in the human mind? 
“Post Humanity” presents a moment to embrace rebirth.  The exhibit showcases the new works of emerging artists throughout the Los Angeles County.  Embracing the diverse creative outlets that bind artists together, the many art forms (3D, culinary, graphic design, fashion design, illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, street art, visual and mixed media) will allow and encourage the viewer to discover the irony that occurs in daily life and the commonalities we in fact hold. By utilizing the elements and themes of water, wood, and metal, artists incorporate their medium to acknowledge the physical, cultural, and political environments.

2404 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1B
Los Angeles, CA 90057

As an added bonus, there will be a Burger365 display upstairs in the Cement Studio in collaboration with the show! If you ever wanted to check out any of the pieces from the project, this is the first opportunity to do so. ([])

Hamburger Eye Shadow

First sent to us by friend Angela, this Burger King ad from the Netherlands has been going a bit viral online. Would have been a cool “Burger365” to have attempted, similar to the “Burger Lips“.

[Image: Burger King]

Mish Mash Burger Cartoon

Here’s a little cartoon about a kid going out to get a burger created by artist Clémentine.

[Video: Bupla]

Bacon and Egg Burger Zine

Check out these tiny burger paper creations:

“Each page an ingredient
No larger than a 10¢ piece
Individually hand-cut paper and
card with a sprinkling of Posca
Edition of 20 – 2009

Fresh off the grill – these tiiiny burgers are the bite-sized progeny
of Stephanie Anderson’s
Original Hamburger Zine.”

[Image: Zinesnsuch]

Happy Meal Art by Shinji Murakami

Using simple blocks, artist Shinji Murakami has created this “Happy Meal” – burger, drink and fries. Check out some other cool artworks here:

[Image: Shinji Murakami ]

Hamburger Quilt by LUKE

This quilt is awesome! Created by artist Luke Haynes for his “American Nostalgia” series.

“This is a set of quilts I made a few years ago for an exhibition in central California in response to a survey I sent out. I asked what evoked a nostalgia for America. I made a set of quilts from those 700 responses. I learned that there is no small set of icons that comprise American Nostalgia. I learned a few things through this process.”

Check out more quilts on his site:

[Image: Luke Haynes]

Hamburger Salt Dough Figure

Want to learn how to create the hamburger salt dough figure above? Check out the step by step instructions here:

[Image: Missala]

Hamburger Balloon Animal

Awesome balloon “animal” created by Smarty Pants Big Balloon artist. What a great party favor for the burger lovers out there…

[Images: Smarty Pants Balloon Blog]

Hamburger Cow Keychain

Is it a cow? Is it a hamburger? What about both? This keychain from French site Art Deco in the City features a replica of a fiberglass hamburger cow figure.  Talk about a cow literally being made into a hamburger…([])

[Images: Art Deco in the City]

Dragon with Cheeseburger

Happy Year of the Dragon everyone! Dragon’s usually hoard gold, but perhaps that is because hamburgers weren’t around when they were…

[Image: Dragon and Beasties]

Intricate Hamburger Origami

Sent in by Emily, here is a very intricate version of an origami hamburger. Created by the duo of  Zim & Zou, a lot of detail and crazy colors makes this origami piece super cool and was featured on the cover of Icon Magazine.  Looks like they create other awesome origami pieces as well.

[Image: Zim & Zou]