What Happens To a Hamburger – Book


Want to know what happens to a hamburger after you eat it? This educational book shows you whats up.

“In this newly illustrated book, complete with photos, Paul Showers and Edward Miller take you on a journey through the human digestive system into the mouth, down the gullet, into the stomach, and finally into the small and large intestines. You will learn what each of these body parts does to help transform the food you eat. And you will also find out what happens to the food your body cannot use.”


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The Hamburger – A History: By Josh Ozersky

This book sounds like a pretty interesting (and tasty) read.

From Yale Press:

“This fast-paced and entertaining book unfolds the immense significance of the hamburger as an American icon. Josh Ozersky shows how the history of the burger is entwined with American business and culture and, unexpectedly, how the burger’s story is in many ways the story of the country that invented (and reinvented) it.”


[Image: Yale Press]

Carl’s Jr. Ice Cream Brrrger

Looks like Carl’s Jr. is testing out a new “Ice Cream Brrrger” product that actually kind of looks like a hamburger. Who wants to try it?


[Image: Huffington Post]

Huge Hamburger the Book

A learn to read book. Of course one is going to learn to read if hamburgers are involved.


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George and the Burger Men Book

This sounds like a silly story:

“George and the Burger Men is the third book in the George series. In this clever children’s adventure, George and his new friend from next door, Isabella, fly into outer space in George’s magic spaceship. This is the same spaceship that seven-year-old George found hidden inside a tree in the backyard of his new home. George and Isabella aren’t sure where they’re going, but they end up on planet Burger! There they find the cunning Samurai Sushi Pirates setting fire to the planet – and all the other planets along the way – in order to burn all the food so everyone will have to eat sushi! King Bologna, King Hot Dog, and King Hamburger all band together to take on the Samurai Sushi Pirates. Of course, Captain Mock Chicken, the hero who looks after the Universe, comes to their rescue, right along with George and Isabella. Will they be able to save everyone in the universe from having to eat sushi?”


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Hugo, the Lost Hamburger

Hamburgers can get lost? I’m sure he would find a home inside someone’s belly real quick…

From Amazon.com:

Hugo was once a mascot steak sitting on the windowsill of a butcher’s shop in New York City. His job was simple: Sitting pretty and doing his very best to entice customers to the shop. He was made employee of the year, year after year and this made Hugo very arrogant. He wanted to venture out and see what the city has to offer. He felt that he would be better off elsewhere, he was much too good for Mr. Rosalby’s butcher’s shop. One day, through the cruel hand of fate, he found himself transformed to a hamburger and lost in the city! We see the start of his adventure in the city. Has Hugo finally found happiness being on his own in the Big Apple? Or was the grass greener on the other side?


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Hamburger Book by 365: Make a Book a Day

Fellow 365’er Donna is making a “Book a Day”, and for #293, she created this Hamburger Book. Pretty sweet project and great item. Check out her site and the rest of her books here:


[Image: Make-a-Book-a-Day]


The Burger365 Book – Everything Burger

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift? I finally got around to setting up an independent Burger365 book, available on Createspace. In this 8.5″x8.5″ full color book, you will find 180 of my favorite “Burgers” from the project.  Hopefully it will be a good coffee table book for everyone to enjoy.


As a bonus to all the Everything Burger fans out there, use the code: X44BRZM8 for $10 off! Thanks for all the support!


The Burger and the Hotdog Book

From Amazon:

A burger and a hot dogOne day had a nasty spat.

The burger got insulted

‘Cause the hot dog called him flat…

So what happened after that? Well, you’ll have to look inside this book to find out. Because, you see, there is a whole world out there in which burgers, hot dogs, sticky buns, ice-cream bars, bologna, popcorn, and all sorts of other food folks exist together and do and go through all the daily stuff we all do. But it’s only folks like Jim Aylesworth, together with artist Stephen Gammell, who can bring to us that world in a collection of hilarious rhymes and pictures. After all, what happens when a bunch of sugar cookies give a bagel a hard time, or an ice-cream bar gets stranded on a beach, or a couple of pickles go out dancing?…Well, come on in and see! And when you’re done, try to invent some food folks of your own.


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Bun, Onion, Burger Book

From Target:

Simple rhyming text follows the steps in making and eating a tasty hamburger.


[Image: Target]

The Haunted Hamburger and Other Ghostly Stories

With Halloween just right around the corner, here’s another Hamburger Ghost Story.

What’s scarier than a ghost story? Three ghost stories, of course. And these three stories, told to little ghosts at bedtime, are the scariest kind of ghost stories there are-they’re about people! From a ghost who becomes the victim of a baby in need of a diaper to a hamburger that can win a scaring contest just by lifting its bun, these hilariously illustrated silly stories are sure to bring laughs to even the littlest ghosts.


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My Life as a Haunted Hamburger, Hold the Pickles

From Barnes & Noble:

Everybody says the old house at the edge of town is haunted. But Wally has some major doubts. Unfortunately, in exposing the hoax he undergoes some of the craziest catastrophes and mass mayhem of his life. To name just a few, Wally experiences: falling into mirrors that others claim show the future; shorting the sheets on so-called ghosts; and supposedly being turned into a talking hamburger.


[Image: Barnes & Noble]

City of Hamburgers Book

From Target:

Jeffery is tired of the same old fairy tales and wants to hear about Grandma’s life growing up in the old country as a Hamburger. Imagination, as well as ketchup and mustard, flow through this delightfully quirky book.


[Image: Target]

Hamburger Sequencing Pocket Chart

Did you know that besides being delicious, hamburgers are a great learning tool:

A delicious way to learn the parts of a paragraph, the scientific method or any other topic that follows steps. A great mnemonic device, this unique, hamburger-shaped chart helps students remember things in a sequence. It includes 12 preprinted cards and 12 blank, write-on/wipe-off, 31 1/2 x 2 cards. Features a vinyl storage pocket on the back and grommets for hanging. Grades K-2. Pocket Chart Type: Sequential Learning; Total Pockets: 12; Width: 34 1/2 in; Height: 38 in.

  • A delicious way to learn any step-by-step process.
  • A great mnemonic device.
  • Includes 12 pre-printed cards and 12 blank, wipe on/off cards.
  • Features a vinyl storage pocket on the back.
  • Grommets are along the top edge for hanging.
[Image: Amazon]

Hamburger Head Comic Strip by Scott Campbell

Artist Scott Campbell created this Hamburger Head comic strip for his Double Fine Action Comic series. Check out the book online here and his newest exhibit/book Zombie in Love at Gallery Nucleus.


Hamburger Heaven

“Pinky Pig’s clarinet has met with an unfortunate accident. Lucky for Pinky, she works at Hamburger Heaven and can save up for a new one. But the customers are growing tired of the same old menu—all cheeseburgers, all the time—and Pinky might soon lose her job if business doesn’t pick up. So she springs into action, creating a new menu to please every possible taste. Will it be enough to save the restaurant and her job?”


[Image: Barnes and Noble]

Burger Sticker Activity Book

From Amazon:

How do you like your burger? Tomatoes? Onions? Mushrooms? Shall we make it a cheeseburger? Or better still, a bacon cheeseburger? Kids can add layer upon layer to build the burger of their dreams with these 31 reusable stickers. Comes with a regular drink and sides of fries and onion rings.


[Image: Amazon]

Burger Kid Book

Another burger themed book to read to the little ones, Annie Pitts, Burger Kid.

From Booklist:

Gr. 2-5. Always jockeying for center stage, the engaging, indomitable Annie Pitts once again steals the show, though not in the way she intended. Annie is determined to be the new poster kid for Burger Barn, her favorite restaurant. But before she even gets to her audition and photo shoot, she must compose a poem for school and endure Thanksgiving dinner with unwelcome (in her opinion) guests.


[Image: Amazon]