Inflatable Hamburger Chair

Found online and sent in my May L., here is the best inflatable chair ever.


“It’s shaped like a delicious hamburger, but no, it’s a portable inflatable chair. Crafted out of highly durable, 100% polyester fabric, this extremely comfortable seat includes its own hand pump to inflate as you see fit. A hamburger? Now that’s what we call an inflatable chair.”

[Image: Fab]

Cheeseburger Cat Toy

Turn your cat into a cheeseburger lover wit this cat toy found online by May L. on

[Image: Fab]

Cheeseburger Red Wine

Found and sent in by Grace M., here is some “Cheeseburger Red” wine. Does it taste like cheeseburgers?


Build-A-Burger Toy

Here is a Build-A-Burger plastic toy set for kids from Small World Toys. Found at Marshalls.

Cheeseburger Placemat

Here is a cheeseburger placemat that was found by my mom at Joanne’s Fabrics. Perfect for catching all the extra toppings that spill out of your burger. ([])


Cheeseburger iPad Sleeve

Found online and sent in my May L., here is a nifty looking iPad sleeve by Barry’s Farm.

[Image: Barry’s Farm]


Hamburger Furniture Set

Found and sent in by friends Chuck and Bev, this Hamburger Set by Mauricios Furniture features a a kid’s toy box and stools. If I got these as a kid, I would have been pretty hyped… ([])

[Image: Mauricios Furniture]